Izela, meaning "good luck" in ancient Macedonian, is an ensemble that has been forged from circumstance, fortune and magnetism. Izela mixes folk music from Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, and progressive rock with a post-apocalyptic nature. Weaving through a subtle and virtuosic repertoire of original compositions inspired by thousands of years of human culture and traditional music, the group brings unique instrumentation, modern and ancient sounds, and the doom of our time together. Izela's debut album I was released on April 11th, 2017 at the Blue Whale in DTLA.


Ryan Parrish - Kaval, Ney

Yunus Iyriboz - Oud, Saz, Guitar

Lauren Elizabeth Baba - Violin, Viola

Max Whipple - Bassjo, Bass Guitar

Dan Ogrodnik - Percussion

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